The Oklahoma Bar Association's Speakers Bureau

The law -- federal, state, and local -- affects the lives of all citizens. The Oklahoma Bar Association Speakers Bureau is an excellent way to answer your group's questions about various laws and the legal system itself. It is through the law and the public's understanding about that law by which civilized society prospers.

The Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) Speakers Bureau is a collection of volunteer attorneys, throughout the entire state, who go into the community and speak to the public about numerous legal issues.

The OBA operates a Speakers Bureau through which civic groups, churches, schools and other organizations can arrange for volunteer attorneys to speak to their groups on various legal issues. The Speakers Bureau is a FREE service connecting attorneys who enjoy public speaking with organizations seeking speakers for various functions. Engagements can vary from lectures at the local rotary club to an introduction of the legal system for your local middle school to question-and-answer sessions with senior citizens' groups.

Any group interested in having a member of the OBA Speakers Bureau should click on the Public button for the complete listings of topics and counties. After you have made your selections, a list of available volunteers will be shown. If no lawyers are listed, please try another county close by.